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VEGAN ULTRA (Caramel-Peanut Butter) 3.0 Lbs


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VEGAN ULTRA Is, definitively, one of the best plant-based protein shake you will found on the actual market. We tuck time in incorporate this
product to our brand but, finally, we found an excellent Almond-Pea protein blend with an incredible texture, flavor and
dissolution properties. VEGAN ULTRA is the result of months of analysis and reformulation to achieve a perfect balanced
vegan protein shake, powerful, creamy and with a delicious flavor not easy to found in any other plant-based protein.
VEGAN ULTRA is a great alternative source of protein for those individuals who are living a non-animal diet style of life.

All our raw materials are certificated ORGANIC by the USDA, VEGAN ULTRA is a Gluten Free and NON-GMO product perfect
to be used as Muscle-Builder Fuel for athletes who want to increase muscular mass or as Meal Substitute for individuals who
wants to loose weight and keep a healthy and clean diet.

All our product formulation are based on the latest nutritional science, and studies carried out of World-Class prestigious
nutrition centers, and always certified with the best quality and manufactured in our GMP registered plant of South Florida.

From the raw materials to the final product, our team is heavily and proudly involved in the production process to guarantee
a top quality product perfect to help you achieve your personal goals. Our passion and commitment is to provide our
customers with a clean and effective product they can always trust.