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ULTRA Pure Caffeine 2.5 Oz. (Pharmaceutical Grade)


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Ultra Pure Caffeine Anhydrous  (from coffee)

Caffeine is highly toxic in elevate dosages, this product is only available for registered laboratories use only, please contact us prior your purchase to verify if you are an eligible customer.

2.5 Oz., 75 CC Clear PETE Bottle w/ White Smooth Lead.

Reg. 0672941.

Supplier: www.ingredientsonline.com

NOTE FROM SUPPLIER : WARNING: The FDA has recently determined that pure caffeine, taken in large quantities may be highly toxic. ingredientsonline.com does not make recommendations on product formulations, however, product manufacturers should review their formulations to ensure they do not exceed levels considered toxic. In order to purchase ingredients from ingredientsonline.com, you must be a food/dietary supplement manufacturer, registered with the US FDA.

Brand: Unicorn Nature ,  Country of Origen: CHINA.




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